ICMR-National Institute of Nutrition

Copper (Cu) is an essential constituent of several enzymes. These include cytochrome oxidase, catalase, tyrosinase, superoxide dismutase, monoamine oxidase, ascorbic acid oxidase, ALA synthase, phenol oxidase and uricase. Due to its presence in a wide variety of enzymes, copper is involved in many metabolic like synthesis of hemoglobin, melanin and phospholipids along with Ceruloplasmin serves as ferroxidase and is involved in the conversion of iron from Fe2+ to Fe3+ in which form iron (transferrin) is transported in plasma. In adult humans contain 100 to 150 mg of copper, out of which approximately 65 mg is found in muscles, 23 mg in bones and 18 mg in liver. Foetal liver contains approximately ten times more copper than adult liver.

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