ICMR-National Institute of Nutrition

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Everyone agrees nutrition is one of the key determinants of development. In the trailblazing story of India’s development, public health nutrition has not just been a cofactor but often remained a conundrum. Grappling with the problems of double burden of malnutrition-undernutrition in severe and insidious forms as well as the increasing problems of overweight/obesity and associated non-communicable diseases-India’s policy makers, programme managers, researchers and a host of stakeholders are always in the need of information/data on nutritional status of population groups at country level and at regional/state levels. There is a lot of data available some at the country level, some at the state-level and some more at yet micro-level. Imagine all the data and vital statistics on nutrition for the entire country is made available at a click of a button with a facility to get an overview of these deficiencies, disorders and prevalence levels in various parts of the country an easily comprehendible manner in interactive display! That precisely is the aim of this online, virtual, interactive nutrition Atlas. Alongside this, the online tool also provides information on nutrients, nutrient rich foods, nutritional deficiency disorders, recommended allowances and a host of other topics.

Nutrition atlas